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Welcome to the website of the GWMCB and thank you for the interest to become a member of our GoldWing club. Being a member of our motor club holds several things and I will do my best to provide as much information as possible in the following text.

At our GWMCB/motor club You do not pay per activity, but with an annual membership for rider and passenger. All organized tours are free, unless specifically mentioned on the invitations published in our monthly GoldWingMagazine. In 99% Cases it is only payable if a camping/overnight stay is provided. In The motor season you have almost weekly an organisation of a ride at national level or event where you can participate as a GW rider, when you receive a specific sticker that is pasted on your ride card. From 8 ritdeelnames over the year you are entitled to the “National Winger Award” and a prize during the annual national hit of our Club. All participations are free and without any obligation, you have to go there with the GoldWing.

The magazine will be sent to you bi-monthly, in which you will find the latest news about the national and international events you can participate in, of course also photos of national and international activities, info from our advertisers, The questions and comments of our members and eg special questions from an organization, not members or a benefit that are separate from the GoldWing Club activities, etc…
On our website you will also find an overview of our planned national rides. The place where this goes on is clearly stated in our magazine. The national calendar can only be read if you are a member and logged in. International activities can be seen. If you look at our website further, you will find other information such as business calendar, international calendar, board, etc., apart from the national events you have the international hit. The European GoldWingfederatie, where you automatically become a member of GWMCB membership, today consists of 26 affiliated countries. The last country to join us this year was Belarus. These countries (take a look at the GWEF website: organise their own international events every year, where all GoldWingrijders are invited to the world.

When joining our GW club you will receive, in addition to the Club membership card, a GWEF membership card which entitles you to an important discount when registering on an international level and allows you to participate in specific international Tours, arranged for and by the GoldWingrijder. When you participate in these international activities you will get a unique stamp of the organizing club and, if you have collected at least 4, you are entitled to the GWEF SUPER TOUR AWARD, a certificate and Badge which we as international drivers For the honor and glory gathering!

Gee, think I’ve forgotten something, but 1 thing I want to give you still: being a member of our GWMCB means also getting acquainted with people, finding like-minded souls with a passion for GoldWing, it also means building a circle of friends, on the spot or in the Abroad, in short, and often friendships for life. (trust me, I speak from experience…) Regardless of your language, origins, beliefs or philosophy of life. Of course it doesn’t always run for 100% without a hitch, as people are all far too different, sometimes we also have to take our responsibility, but the passion of GoldWing driving: That’s always a real and a shared passion, A helping hand at problems, and enjoying: enjoying the surroundings, your friends, your comrades and your motorbike!

Not doubt too long… Make sure you can take part in an activity as quickly as possible and tell me what you think of it. Your opinion is Geappreciëerd! We can still learn!

The amount for the annual membership is € 40,00 for the driver and € 20,00 for the passenger.

For drivers who are not resident in Belgium, the membership fee is € 60.00.

Children under 16 years old are not required to pay a fee.

If you have any questions or need any other info, please send me a message via

Click HERE to sign up online as a member of the GWMCB

With the best Wing greetings,

Mark Vanderborght – Chairman Gold Wing Motor Club Belgium