A motor club of GoldWing riders and their passengers, a club with the aim of promoting motor tourism, a club for the real touring rider with an average age of 50 years

But what is now that Goldwing?

In the environment of the motorcyclists no more unknown, but also the outsider knows how to distinguish and appreciate a Goldwing. It is a type engine of the HONDA brand, designed with the main purpose, to cover thousands of trouble-free kilometres. A 1000, 1100, 1200, 1500 or 1800 cc engine on two wheels, the last two of which is a six cylinder. With the comfort of a Rolls-but on two wheels-you can enjoy every kilometer travelled. A radio cassette, CD or MP3 player provides the necessary audio of your favourite music while the Noiseless engine keeps its speed. An adjustable pneumatic suspension ensures the ideal support and a three-piece suitcase kit keeps all luggage bone dry.

The Club

The Gold Wing Motor Club Belgium was founded in 1979 in the form of a non-profit organization by some avid touring riders. Most likely we are the largest free motor club in Belgium. And we can be quite proud of that.

The members come from both the Walloon and the Flemish part of the country. This is why we chose an English club name.

The Gold Wing Motor Club Belgium is affiliated with the Gold Wing European Federation (GWEF) which has 26 countries clubs outside of our country.

Every year the club calendar counts no less than 40 activities in both the outside and the interior. The outlier is the international GoldWing. This top event of the Gold Wing Motor Club Belgium is held every year and is the work of a team consisting of a hundred employees, all member of the G.W.M.C.B. is known as the opener of the European GoldWing season. This event is always taking part in approximately 500 GoldWing engines, coming from 26 European countries. The highest number of participants in our Belgian international hit was 1,350 GoldWings, one of the highest numbers in the International area! This is organised at different places in our country, allowing participants to always explore a different region.

Bi-monthly a bilingual club magazine “Gold Wing Magazine” appears. This information sheet is the mouthpiece to and from the members, needless to say that the Gold Wing Magazine is close to the heart of every member.

The President,

Mark Vanderborght